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Phil Songa Photography on Facebook : Facebook page for Phil Songa Photography

Phil Songa @ 500px : My 500px portfolio. Click through to buy.

Phil Songa on Flickr : My Flickr account, my original web presence.

Phil Songa at All About Jazz : My photo gallery at the best jazz website in the world, AAJ.

Craft & Vision - Affordable (and sometimes free) Photography eBooks : This site has some great eBooks to suit at a wide range of photography information needs. Check it out and pick up some tips. From time to promotional runs give a free eBook. Check back regularly - I know I do!

Exposure Leeds : Exposure Leeds is a modern photographic society with a specific remit for social enterprise. It was set up to promote the development of better photography in Leeds and the surrounding region. The group is not profit making and prioritises non-commercial practice.

Links Using My Photos

BBC 'Your Pictures' Theme of The Week, Signs of Spring, March 2015

Dr. Lonnie Smith : My photo (left hand side) of Dr. Lonnie Smith at Sela Bar, Leeds.

Sumaya Flamenco Website: Click on the Gallery tab to view some of my photos of Sumaya Flamenco, a London-based flamenco group, taken at Musicport 09.

BBC 'Your Pictures' Theme of The Week, Trees, December 2009.

Carmen Souza at Musicport 09 : Carmen Souza performing at Musicport 09, Bridlington, England

Carmen Souza at Musicport 09 : Carmen Souza performs at Musicport 09, Bridlington, England, October 2009.

Lura at Fiddlers Club, Bristol, England : Photo and article by me.

Leeds Parish Church at Schmap : Leeds Parish Church by night.

BBC Leeds, Weather Photo Gallery, January 2005 : Taken in January 2005, Olympus C760 UZ. Photos 1 and 2

BBC Leeds Feature, February 2005 : As the date above shows, eons ago. Taken with an Olympus C760 UZ. I am on my third camera since this one.

Your Perspective on the World, BBC, August 2004 : BBC, Your Perspective on the World, 7-13 August 2004, Photo 2